Make The World a Greener Place


Increases soil water holding capacity by 30%

Improves plant’s natural immunity to pests

Enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms

Provides high levels of plant-available nutrients

Promotes accelerated growth of seeds and plants

Make the world a greener place!


DOODA is a women-led earthworm farm that raises earthworms using advanced technologies to produce premium grade solid and liquid vermicompost (organic fertilizer) at commercial scale.

DOODA offers the ultimate sustainable solution for an odorless, nutrient rich and sterile organic compost for all your plants, crops, and trees. We help revive infertile soils, increase plant immunity, and increase soils’ water holding capacity using nature’s finest compost: Vermicompost. Our 100% organic and all-natural premium vermicompost improves the quality of your soil and enriches your plants with beneficial minerals, nutrients, and microorganisms. Since we began our operations in 2017, we have been expanding our farm and range of products to suit various customers’ needs and cater the growing demand for organic compost while simultaneously encouraging environmental sustainability.

Nada Ghanem,

MSc Environmental Specialist

Living in Lebanon at the heart of the Chouf district, Nada Ghanem grew up with a passion for the environment and community development. Armed with a B.Sc. in Environmental Health and a M.Sc. in Ecosystem Management from the American University of Beirut (AUB), she worked on environmental studies covering solid waste management, ecosystem restoration, and air and water pollution, among others. During her years of study, Nada developed an interest in vermicomposting which culminated into DOODA Vermiculture Solutions. Thus, DOODA came to life as an earthworm farm and as a company with a mission to restore earth’s ecosystem and improve the socioeconomic situations of communities.

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